Our Venue

Not only a great food venue

La Croisette is not only a great restaurant – it is an institution along Cambodia’s world famous promenade lining the world’s only river that flows in two directions: the Tonle Sap. And the mighty Mekong, which takes a turn flowing towards Vietnam just outside.

Everyone in Phnom Penh remembers Sambo the elephant, who came daily to receive a tropical vitamin platter on her way home from Wat Phnom, where she took photos with tourists.

From 2001 until her departure to an elephant sanctuary in 2016, Phnom Penh’s most famous elephant, Sambo, stopped by La Croisette every day to receive her fruit platter.

Located on one of the Riverside’s most popular and central corners, La Croisette has evolved from a small restaurant in 1997 to a venue offering a prime selection of food, coffee and drinks. Its seating and ambiance make it a go-to for Cambodians, expatriates and visitors to Phnom Penh. Since our first days we deliver the highest quality food and services via generous servings to our customers.

You have a business partner in town with little time to explore Phnom Penh? Enjoy the famouse riverside over lunch and offer a glimpse of the scene while enjoying some of the best food in town!

A key to our success within the Phnom Penh foodie scene is our friendly service to all of our guests, our consistent and detailed food preparation and a strong commitment to the highest standards in hygiene.

Enjoy our Mediterranean-influenced specialties, Khmer fusion delicacies, home-made pasta, fire-oven pizza, Alsatian tarte flambeé or our ice creams and slow-pressed fruit juices – and revel in our new “The Garden” terrasse on the first floor with its amazing view of the Tonle Sap and Mekong rivers.

Enjoy a freshly brewed craft beer provided by our partner Hops and its experienced German brewmaster, who only uses water, hops, malt and yeast to produce some of Phnom Penh’s most famous beers. Or – sip a cocktail and start your evening in the heart of your scene!

La Croisette Restaurant

Since 1997 a household name for outstanding food and service in Phnom Penh, we have in the past years constantly expanded our menu and food offerings to meet growing expectations of our sophisticated clientele.

At Our pizza is famous in town for its rich toppings. Our high-quality ingredients such as Prosciutto, salami and cheeses are imported from Italy. We make no compromises on the quality of our most popular dish, prepared in our original woodfire oven right at the edge of our terrace. Check on our Kid’s pizza making classes with our team!
Enjoy home-made tropical ice creams, crêpes and shakes for take-away or to enjoy for free on our terraces! We work with the two most renown suppliers in town – BonBon, who have ice cream making at heart for many years, and Blue Pumpkin: we offer you the best of both worlds in one great place! Any ice cream bought at Scoop can be enjoyed on our garden terrace overlooking the Tonle Sap.
Enjoy a selection of freshly prepared, all natural juices that are slow-extracted from cooled fruit, vegetables and herbs – with no water or ice added. For a health boost, detox or simply energizing: our juices equip you with a wealth of minerals and vitamins – and are not seldom in a good spot to replace a snack.
Our first-floor open air lounge offers ice cream lovers a wonderful, planted seating area overlooking the Tonle Sap and Mekong rivers to enjoy those scoops. Or, enjoy a freshly brewed craft beer from our partner Hops, a popular local craft brewery which follows the German purity law to produce some of Cambodia’s most tasty craft beers. Or, have one of our house cocktails. Or, great food. A juice? Or…

Anti-plastic and pro-environment

At La Croisette, we have made the fight against plastic our own. We have eliminated plastic straws and all plastic food containers, and use paper bags and natural fiber containers for take-aways. Our kitchen reduces the use of plastic storage every day. Please ask for your paper straw should you need one. Our team is proud that we are not using an estimated 150,000 plastic straws, 17000 plastic bags and 4500 styrofoam boxes per year! Support the fight against Cambodia’s plastic flood where and when you can.